She Smiles

Don't get her wrong if she smiles
You know it takes her some time
You know she's tried it a while
Don't get her wrong, she just smiles
She's got that look in her eyes

Leave her alone she's all right
Her mind is lost in twilight
She might be struck by insight
But if she smiles it's alright

I don't think you should touch her
Her father is the butcher
You don't know him he's such a
Strong man so do not touch her
She's got that look in her eyes

She smiles, she smiles ...

She's moving so slow that it's hard to tell
If she really moves at all
Standin' in the garden
Watching the leaves as they fall
She doesn't respond to the moves you make
Doesn't seem to hear you call
Standin' there, she's smiling
And she tries to be a wall
Standin' there, she's smilin'
And she tries to be a wall

Maybe she's waitin' for Sheïtan
Maybe she's waitin' for Jesus
Maybe she's waitin' for the end of the world

She doesn't seem to understand
Everybody needs a friend
We better go now
She doesn't go to the shopping mall
She just smiles all day and baby that's all
Baby that's all
She smiles, she smiles, she smiles