Easy, so easy

I tried to dance and I almost broke my legs
Next, I tried some singin' but the audience only threw eggs
And then I bought a skateboard, then I took a dive
When I got myself my motorcycle, I was lucky enough to survive

Oh, it's so frustratin' I can't even count to three
But you can do anything you want just keep on tellin' me
It's so easy, it's easy to do
So damn easy, even for you

Should I keep on tryin', when I know I'm bound to fail
Everybody starin' at me you know I wish you'd go to hell
Was I born an idiot or is it just bad luck?
Why do I bother tellin' you, I know that you don't give a fuck

I don't succeed at anything I'm nothin' but a fake
Then you show me how it's done it's just a piece of cake for you
It's easy, it's easy to do
So damn easy, even for you
It's so easy, it's easy to do

Should I try to climb a sidewalk, should I sit down on that chair
Should I try to read the headlines, should I start to grow my hair
Should I try to drink some water, knowing that I'll spill it all
Should I try to bang my forehead on a fairly solid wall?

Easy, easy
It's so easy, it's so easy