Let's Go Too Far

You give me everything I need, when we're alone between the sheets,
You cut my body up with razorblades and feed me sweets,
You tie me up until I'm numb, you call me pig, you call me scum,
You shove a rodent up my rectum and you make me cum,

Let me feel your lips, let me feel your teeth,
When you are above me and I'm underneath,
Let me feel your fist, oh, it's wunderbar,
Let's go over the limit,
Yeah, let's go too far, a little too far,

I'm lying helplessly in bed, deserving everything I get,
I'm your slave, I'm your toy, I'm your favorite pet,
The burning candle in your hand, I look at you and understand,
Pain becomes pleasure when the torturer becomes your friend,

Let me feel your teeth, let me feel your lips,
Go get out the chains now and give me the whip,
Make me cry for help, crush my self esteem,
Let me suffer, a nightmare is also a dream,

I will kiss you goodbye in the morning light,
We are never gonna talk about what's happening at night,
You'll have another love bite, I'll have another scar,
I love when we are going too far