FaFaFa (englische Version)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome:
Whitey Whiteman

Listen to this...
Listen to this...
Listen, listen, listen to this...
(Yeah go ahead!)
Not too long ago I met a pretty lady
And I couldn't resist, I just had to tell her: Baby
You got beautiful eyes, you got beautiful eyes
And those beautiful eyes and a cute little ass
So she said to me
Here's what she said to me:
(Ichi, ni, san, yon)
Fuck you!
(Ichi, ni, san, yon)
Fuck you!

Just a minute pretty baby, let me make myself clear
I know I'm irresistible - so what you're doin' here?
Don't try to be cool, baby can't you see?
I just want you to come home with me
I will kiss you here, I will kiss you there
I'll be a real smooth brother, we will have an affair
We will do it standing up, we will do it lying down
In my bedroom, in the kitchen, I will push you around -
We will do it on the roof, we will do it on the floor
You'll be moaning, you'll be sighing, you'll be begging for more
You will still be coming when I walk out the door
So come on, sugar, what you're waitin' for?
(Ichi, ni, san, yon)
Fuck you!

Now listen girl, you can't treat me that way
You're pretty enough to make my day
What's your problem anyway?
It's a beautiful night - and I brought some...
(Und tschüss, du Rap-Wichser, du willst Ghetto?
Kannste haben, Alter! Schluss mit Kaspermucke!)