Lee Hazlewood Speaking About His Collaboration With Bela B

"Oh I love Bela"
"Bela is a nice man"
"Yeah Bela is as crazy as I am"
"We were born together"
"And ah, he does me better than I do"
"He does my voice better than I do anymore"
"And he does it good"
"I don't know what that sounds about"
"I don't know what it's about"
"I hope, hope is a fav, your favorite songs of the day"
"Of some like that but it, it feels so good"
"And it feels, it, it's a, it sounds sad when they translated"
"But it's not a sad song, is it, no"
"So that's very confusing me"
"And I didn't bother, to have any by Bela"
"Bela hired me, that's what he wanted me to do"
"When he explained it to me and after I can do it"
"Then I did for him, till he got what he wanted"
"And, and that's what he wanted"
"He said "That's good""
"And I said "Okay it's good, that's, that's what you want is what I want""
"I still know when I say what I'm doing"
"I hope it's clean enough for Germany"

  • Text:Lee Hazlewood
  • Musik:Lee Hazlewood